multi-function delicatessen

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Ristorante Salumeria Roscioli is a multi-function delicatessen, an unconventional restaurant, and a rich and varied wine bar, where the cuisine is based on high quality materials selected over the years by the Roscioli brothers and an attentive and ready staff.

The menu presents traditional starters and main dishes, as well as the results of conceptions from the national cuisine – raw fish from the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian, selections of French or Italian Alpine cheeses, classified by typology and maturation, but also cold cuts of Spanish or native origin, all cut by hand.

Wine list

More than 2,800 labels

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The wine list includes more than 2,800 labels, with an ample and varied range of Italian and international bottles that come in larger sizes as well.

Italian sparkling and must-try maisons de Champagne, native Whites and Rosés de Provence, Austrian Rieslings and Red Burgundy. But also a diversity of Ports, distillates of Italian and international origin, and sweet wines from the various regions of the peninsula.

Tasting is believing!